Program for Constitution Day, 2017 (Danish version below)
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Language: English at Revymuseet & Danish at Enghave Plads and K22

12:00 “Welcome” by Jens-Christian Poulsen - 267. Oh, what a day today
12:10 H.E. François Zimeray French Ambassador to Denmark
12:30 Christian Friis Bach, Executive Secretary & Under-Secretary- General United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
12:50 - 358. Where the road bends
13:00 Lone Loklindt, Former MP for the Social Liberal Party, Spokesman for human rights.
13:20 - 15. See the golden sun
13:30 Closing by Elisabeth Thieden

After the event at Revymuseet the day continue at Enghave Plads from 14.30-15.30, where we ask the copenhageners: "What is the best about the Danish democracy?"

In the afternoon the event 'Verdensborger i Danmark' will take place at K22 with mayor Anna Mee Allerslev and poet Benny Andersen. The program is as follows:

16.00:"Welcome" by Anna Mee Allerslev & Song: Noget om helte
16.15: Speach by Benny Andersen (Author to Verdensborger i Danmark)
16.25: Anna Mee Allerslev opens the bar
16.30-18.30: Bar & grill
18.30: Anna Mee Allerslev announces the winners of the tombola


Program for grundlovsdag i København og på Frederiksberg

12.00: Velkomst ved Jens-Christian Poulsen
Sang: Oh what a day, today
12.10: Tale ved den franske ambassadør til Danmark
12.30: Tale ved Christian Friis-Bach
Sang: Where the road bends
13.00: Tale ved Lone Loklindt
Sang: See the golden sun
13.30: Afrundning ved Elisabeth Thieden

14.30-15.30: 'Tal med': Hvad er det bedste ved det danske demokrati? Enghave plads

16.00: Velkomst ved Anna Mee Allerslev
Sang: Noget om helte
16.15: Årets grundlovstale: Benny Andersen
Forfatter til Verdensborger i Danmark
16.25: Anna Mee Allerslev åbner baren
16.30-18.30: Bar og grill
18.30: Anna Mee Allerslev trækker tombola præmier

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